About Me

Hey! I'm Sarah and welcome to my blog!
More about me, huh?

I've recently become one of "those" runners who obsesses over times. I just ran a 1:49 half marathon and will tell any and everyone willing to listen about it. 
I'm a fitness fanatic and recently joined cross fit… so I guess that means I'm one of "those" people too.
I got engaged on 12/13/13… aka, Friday the 13th. :)
I live in the smallest city in the state of Virginia.
I'm obsessed with all things monogram. And the Louisville Cardinals.
My life is pretty boring but I figured 2014 is going to be a big year and I might want to remember when I'm old and gray. 
Stick around. 

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  1. Hi Sarah! You commented on my blog but you're a no-reply blogger (and I can't find your email on your blog!) so I couldn't respond! I just wanted to say thank you for the sweet comment, and I will definitely be blogging about my tri training. I'm not a great runner at all and I hope to change that soon, but I love swimming and biking!