Friday, September 27, 2013

5 on Friday

Ahh! Okay, I SWEAR I'm trying to be a good blogger. But man, balancing work, working out, and blogging is tough! 

Linking up with the blog Carolina Charm today! 

1. The last few weekends have been CRAZY! But in the absolute BEST way imaginable. I went ziplining 3 weekends ago (second time ever!) in the mountains of North Carolina and it was so. much. fun. Did I mention that it was part of my job? ;)

Two weekends ago I did my second Color-Me-Rad race... LOVED it, again. If you've never done a color race, DO ONE! Even if you're not a "runner", it's so much fun and there's absolutely no way you could regret it. 
Throwing up my L's for Louisville :)
Once the race was over, I rushed home to watch my Cards give UK a good beating and then it was time for a fancy work-school related dinner. I remember in college having to dress up ALL THE TIME and hating it and now I LOVE it because I never get to! We went with my parents who were also invited and my co-worker/best friend and had a blast. 

And then there was last weekend. I'm a workout JUNKIE and LOVE to run so when my boss asked if I wanted to do a 5k followed by a 5k obstacle course, I was totally down. It was pouring rain and I have to be honest, I felt like a total bad ass. I finished second overall in the 5k and my boss and I tied for first in the obstacle course. I was super tired afterward but it was awesome. 

2. THIS WEEKEND! I feel like I'm a broken record but as crazy/stressful as my week's have been, the weekend's have been my saving grace. This weekend is homecoming weekend and I'm stoked. The farther and farther you get away from your college graduation (I'm 3 years out now), you start realizing just how special homecoming really is. Although I work at my alma mater, it's still one of my absolute favorite weekends. I'm looking forward to seeing all of my sorority sisters, old friends, and having FUN. GO CAVS!

3. I'm finally getting a new iPhone! Okay, total first world problem here but I've had my iPhone 4 for over two years now and although I love it, I gotta be honest. She's slower than Christmas nowadays. So last Saturday I headed to AT&T and ordered my gold iPhone 5s. :) 

4. Next weekend I'm getting certified to teach Insanity classes! Okay, not the mental illness but actual "Shaun T-this ain't no coffee break" classes. I'm beyond excited and ready to get my first fitness certification! And okay, I'm starting to look at personal training / group fitness certs. It's been a long time coming but... I'm ready. Fitness/Nutrition is where my passion lies and I'm ready to start positioning myself to get into that area. :) Exciting stuff, especially for a mid-twenty something who has spent a few years not really knowing WHAT to do with her life. 

5. My boyfriend. As stressful as life has been, he's always there for me, no matter what. He's my best friend, my partner in crime, and my "dawg" and I can't wait to start planning our future together. :) 2014 is our year! 


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