Friday, May 30, 2014

Five Things Friday

I'm back in the Five Things Friday groove! Wooooo!

There are so many Friday favorites this week that I'm not even entirely sure where to start! But I'll do my best. :)

1. MURPH!!! In honor of Memorial Day, my box did an all weekend long Murph event. For non-crossfitters, Murph is a hero WOD named after Lt. Michael Murphy who died in combat. It's a 1 mile run + 100 pull-ups + 200 pushups + 300 squats + 1 mile run--one of Murph's favorite workouts. Going into Murph, my legs and arms were both sore from some hard workouts the week before but when I started thinking about why I was doing it, it didn't matter anymore. I pushed myself and came in with a time 41:57--best female time in the box. I was proud of that accomplishment but more proud of our box came together and honored a true hero.
SN: I've been doing cross fit since October and my baby muscles are slowly growing into real muscles!!!

2. My new running shoes! Let's be honest, new running shoes for a runner is pretty much the equivalent to a new car. I waited and waited and WAITED for the new ASICS gel nimbus 16's to come out and finally ordered them a couple of weeks ago. This is my third pair of Nimbus' and I'm OBSESSED! Especially with these! They are beyond perfect. I should be an Asics sales rep at this point--I get so many people coming to me with shoe advice and that's the direction I always point them in. :) Not to mention that their first run out of the gate was a 5K overall female win. I normally take my shoes out for a test run but took a chance with these and they delivered big time. It wasn't my fastest 5k by any means--I had just done Murph a few hours before!--but wow (I think I came in around 22:20?). Considering my legs were TIGHT, it felt like I could do no wrong. If you're in the market for new running shoes, they're definitely worth a look.

3. P & I finally bought "grown up" furniture! So, confession. For the last 2 years, P & I have been shacking up in a full size bed. And it's miserable. ha. I love P but I need my SPACE! With all of the Memorial Day sales going on and the fact that we decided against buying a house, we figured it was about time to upgrade. And upgrade we did. We are now the proud owners of a King size bed. THANK. GOD. We also may or may not have bought a new couch too... the sales girl was good.

4. Wedding stuff! My save the dates are FINALLY out... well, almost. I still have a few left to address. I'm so behind on all things wedding but I'm finally starting to feel like I'm going in the right direction. I also went and picked up my dress a few weekends ago.... and it's safe to say, I still love it. I was worried I'd pick it up and realize I made a HUGE mistake but it's still amazing. And I can't wait to put it on for real! I'll do a Wedding Wednesday post soon with all of my updates!

5. Perhaps the biggest thing of all this week is that... it's official. I'M FINALLY GOING BACK TO SCHOOL! Guys, I've been stressing hardcore about this. I've been wanting to go back to school for quite some time but never really found the right program up until recently. I wanted to keep working at my current job and start working on becoming a dietitian and to be honest, there aren't many online programs out there. And then I found Kansas State. And they have been AWESOME to work with and have been helping me along every step of the way and... I'm just so excited! It's going to be HARD but.... that just means it's worth it. As someone who was once pretty obese (220lbs!), I want to help others become healthy. :)

There you go! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! I'll be attending a co-workers wedding tomorrow and P & I are moving into a new place on Sunday! Busy, busy, busy!

Happy Friday!


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