Friday, January 3, 2014

Five Things Friday

So, I'm linking up with Clare today for this one!

 Fitting It All In

Five Workouts

So. Much. Running!

Monday: 6.5 mile treadmill workout + arm/abs workout

Tuesday: I ended 2013 with a 7 miler & this WOD:
17 min AMRAP
15 burpees
30 squats
30 dubs
30 sit-ups

Wednesday: 5 miler + 117 burpees (WOD)

Thursday: 4 mile interval workout + arms/abs

Friday: Maybe rest? Maybe a few circuit workouts? Legs are pretty tired!

This weekend I plan on hitting up cross fit Saturday AM + getting a run or two in.

And I had to share this picture from over Christmas--I went to my cousin's gym while I was in Louisville and they have a cardio THEATER. How cool is that? It's a legit theater and instead of seats, they have a ton of cardio equipment (treadmills, stair steppers, bikes, ellipticals) and they show movies all day long.

Awesome, right?!

Five Things I loved this week:

1. Being home!!! Since 12/13, P & I have been EVERYWHERE!! We drove to Texas, New Orleans, Charlottesville, & Louisville within the span of a week and a half. In case you're wondering, that's like, 9 states total and a crap ton of miles.

New Orleans… where it rained….. a LOT.

Autumn leaves & Xmas lights in Houston 

Braving the rain in New Orleans…. we got SOAKED.
2. Being Engaged! I was definitely NEVER one of those girls who had their wedding planned out since the age of 8 and I certainly never pictured myself being married before 30 but I can't imagine my life with anyone else. (Too cheesy?) We went for a morning hike on Friday the 13th because P wanted to check out some kind of hunting scope before buying it (I think that's what it's called??) It was the day after he graduated from the police academy and all of his family was in so I thought it was a LITTLE strange we were going hiking at 8am but I just assumed his friend needed the scope back ASAP. So we go up to the mountain where we had one of our first (and favorite!) dates and go to the overlook where if you look hard enough, you can see my parents house. So while he's getting the scope set up, he tells me to take a few pictures (I'm obsessed!) and once he gets it set up, he asks me to come over. I look through the scope and it's focused on the deck of the workshop outside of my parents house and there's a big sign that says "Marry Me?". He did good.

3. Snow! There's only a couple of inches out there but it's snow! We haven't really had any at all this winter yet.

4. Being lazy. For the first time in I can't even tell you when, I've been lazy. I'm usually on the go all the time but I've really taken time this week to relax. And with the semester I have coming up at work, I need to get in all of the relaxation I can get.

5. This quote. It fits my running story to a T.

Five Things I'm looking forward to

1. Getting back to work and a routine! I'm ready to push through the next few months and end this year with a bang.

2. Cross fit! I had to take a couple of weeks off because of all the traveling we did over the Holidays so I'm really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

3. HEALTHY EATING!!! It feels good eating veggies and fruit after all of the delicious "junk" during the holidays.

4. Wedding planning! I *think* I might have found a venue…….. keep your fingers crossed?!

5. 2014 in general! So many big changes are going to be happening this year! New last name, new house (hopefully)…. and a few other potential exciting changes that are still in the works. :)

What's making you happy this week?!

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