Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wedding Wednesday!

I LOVE reading everyone's Wedding Wednesday posts and now I can finally participate! :)

Love Always Nancy J

Obviously I don't have much done at this point in the form of "plans" (although I'm going to see a venue today! Eek!) but I thought I'd go through the story of how P and I got engaged (hint--he did GOOD!).

So, a little under a month ago, it was a big weekend for P & I. He was graduating from the police academy on a Thursday (yay!), all of his family was coming in (plus some of mine!), I had my end of the year work party on Friday at noon, he had this end of the year work party Friday night, my best friend graduated from her master's degree on Saturday, one of my sorority sisters got married Saturday night, I had Christmas with my best friends planned for Sunday night (one of which drove 8 hours!), and P & I were leaving for a whirlwind 2 week road trip on Monday. See what I mean?! Little did I know that all of these would take backseat to what happened on Friday morning (the 13th I might add)! 

Thursday night after P graduated, we had a party for him all of our families. That night he asked if I wanted to go hiking in the morning to a mountain overlook so he could check out his friend's scope to see if he wanted to buy it. I thought it was a LITTLE strange we were going hiking at 8am in the morning on a Friday but I also knew we both had things to do that day (my party, he had to go to a funeral) so it didn't really phase me too much. And plus, he said it wouldn't take very long and we'd go back to my mom and dad's and have breakfast with everyone as soon as we were done.

So, flash forward to Friday morning. I get up and am taking my time to get ready (as always) and P is asking me every 5 minutes if I'm ready yet. NO! I first put on a pair of running tights, a warm running jacket, and my winter coat..... but as soon as we got in the car, I quickly realized I was going to need sweatpants. So I ran back inside and delayed us even more. As we were driving to the overlook (about 15-20 minutes), everything seemed completely normal. I always hear stories about the guy seeming nervous/acting weird beforehand but other than rushing me to get ready, P was completely cool. 

We finally get to the parking lot at the entrance of the overlook and of course, it's locked. So we had to hoof it about a mile and a half on foot (let's note that it's a cool 19 degrees outside). I don't remember ever being cold but I do remember thinking how QUIET and peaceful it was. It was... perfect. 

Once we got to the overlook, I, of course, still have no idea what's going on. P tells me I can walk around and take pictures if I want (I'm ALWAYS instagramming!) while he sets up the scope. He tells me he's going to see if he can see the "shack"... which is a small apartment in my parents backyard that he lived in for a few months last year. It takes about 5 minutes but he finally finds it. At this point, he calls me over asking if I want to take a look and well, duh, of course I do. I just walked a mile and a half in below freezing weather for this. :) I bend down to look in and immediately go to touch it... at which point, P's like "NO! Don't move it!" so I try one more time. And there it was. As soon as I looked through the scope, on the deck of the "Shack" P had his mother and sister make a sign that said, "Marry Me?". 

At this point, it's all a blur. I remember turning around so quickly that P hadn't even had a chance to get down on one knee. Once he did though, all I remember was saying "oh my gosh" and "are you serious?" a billion times over. And crying. Like a maniac. It was so completely perfect and so totally us that I smile every time I think about that morning. That overlook was where we had one of our very first (and most memorable dates). And every fall I make P take me up there and drive around looking at leaves. So to have it all come "full circle" was pretty special. 

Unfortunately the ring didn't fit right away (the jeweler sized it wrong... boo!) but it was the diamond his grandfather bought his grandmother back in the 40's and absolutely perfect. I love everything about it and although I'm still getting use to having a rock on my hand, I can't help but stare. :)

Please disregard my wrinkly "grandmother" hands as my sister refers to them
Once I was done crying (it took a while), we trekked back to the car and headed down the mountain to see everyone. I LOVED that both his family and my family were there to celebrate. It was so surreal and perfect. We took lots of pictures, he told me about how he had started planning all of this back in June, and all of the girls immediately started asking me wedding questions (go figure ;)). 

The "sign" :)

We're Engaged!!!!!! 

So, there you have it. My first wedding Wednesday. It's been almost a month since we've been engaged and I'm still glowing. 

Now let's hope next Wednesday we're talking dates/venues! :)


  1. OMG, such a sweet story and that ring, love the history :)
    . We also go engaged on a hike/mountain, I cant wait to hear about your plans. Enjoy it sweetie it will fly by!!

    1. thank you so much!! i can definitely already tell it's going to fly by! it doesn't even seem like we've been engaged a week, let alone over a month now! :)